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Monday, October 5, 2009

Money Saver Tip

Most milk will keep up to a week past the pull date if it is stored properly.

Milk that has begun to sour is perfectly fine to use in baked goods even if it doesn't taste so good to drink.

Milk can be frozen, too, so if you find it on sale you can buy it and freeze it for later use. Be sure to pour some of the milk out of the gallon container to leave room for expansion - or pour the milk into smaller, easier to handle containers. When you thaw the milk, you will need to shake it vigorously to mix the butter fat back into the milk.

To make life easier, you could always measure the milk into one cup amounts and freeze the milk in this manner. Then when you are cooking, the milk can be pulled out in pre-measured amounts to make your cooking time a bit faster.